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  • Announcements and homework

    • Announcement Jan 18 2021: Scheduled class, 12-1 MWF
    • PHY 341 Syllabus
  • Codes and other links
    Most codes are in the Jupyter notebook format. You can download it and open it with Jupyter. If you do not have access to a Jupyter installation or server, you can go to on the cloud, and upload the notebook there.
    Note: Due to some weird, nonsensical rule of the site disallowing the “.ipynb” file extension, I have the programs in .zip and plain .txt formats. If you download a zip file, unzip it to recover the .ipynb file. If you download the .txt file (right click then save), just rename “somefile-ipynb.txt” to “somefile.ipynb”.

    • Local Jupyter/Python server (Thanks to Dr Khanna)
    • Motion of a quantum oscillator, Program_8.2_sdlf.ipynb. Download and save the named program, making sure the file extension is .ipynb (and not .txt), as well as the associated library files,, Upload the files to your Jupyter notebook. You may also run this Glowscript version in your web browser.
    • Superposition of states in zip or in txt format. HW 2a refers to this program.
    • Exploration of discreteness of states in zip or in txt format.
    • Expansion/integrals with Sympy in zip or in txt format.
    • SHO turning points and probabilities (Problem 2.15) in zip or in txt format.
    • SHO allowed energies in zip format.
    • Square well: unbound states in zip format.
    • Square well: visualizing bound states in zip format.
    • Square well: allowed energies and wave functions in zip format.
    • Finding eigenstates of matrices algebraically with sympy in zip format.
    • Visualizing and manipulating spherical harmonics in zip format.