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We will use this space to post extra course materials, like homework, solutions, announcements, etc.

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  • Announcements and homework
  • Codes and other links
    Most codes are in the Jupyter notebook format. You can download it and open it with Jupyter. If you do not have access to a Jupyter installation or server, you can go to on the cloud, and upload the notebook there.
    Note: Due to some weird, nonsensical rule of the site disallowing the “.ipynb” file extension, I have the programs in .zip (or plain .txt) formats. If you download a zip file, unzip it to recover the .ipynb file. If you download the .txt file (right click then save), just rename “somefile-ipynb.txt” to “somefile.ipynb”.

    • Local Jupyter/Python server
    • Simulation of averages by ramdom sampling in free fall in zip format.
    • Motion of a quantum oscillator: (a) You may run this Glowscript version in your web browser; or (b) Program_8.2_sdlf.ipynb. Download and save the named program, making sure to extract all including the associated library files,, in one place. Upload the files to your Jupyter notebook.
    • Superposition of states in zip or in txt (rename per above) format. HW 2a refers to this program.
    • Exploration of discreteness of states in zip or in txt format.
    • Expansion/integrals with Sympy in zip format.
    • SHO allowed energies in zip format.
    • SHO classically forbidden zones in zip format.
    • SHO with sympy in zip format.
    • Square well: unbound states in zip format.
    • Square well: visualizing bound states in zip format.
    • Square well: allowed energies and wave functions in zip format.
    • Momentun wave function with sympy in zip format.
    • Finding eigenstates of matrices algebraically with sympy in zip format.
    • Basis transformation and qubits with sympy in zip format.